Ezra Markowitz (Affiliated Graduate Student)

Good grief this hasn’t been updated in a while. Ezra Markowitz was a graduate student in psychology at the University of Oregon. He has since held post-doctoral appointments at Princeton University and the Earth Institute at Columbia University. He is now a tenure-track professor at UMass Amherst.




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Stephanie Kramer

Stephanie was a graduate student studying how developmental, cultural and contextual influences affect religiosity and moral decision making. Stephanie hails from the show-me state and thinks that cultures of honor are underrated. As of 2016, Stephanie has been working as a research associate at the Pew Research Center in Washington, DC.




Zhen Cheng

Zhen was a clinical psychology doctoral student who is now conducting her clinical internship at the University of Minnesota. She is particularly interested in finding innovative ways to reduce mental illness stigma among Asian Americans, understanding people’s attitudes and perceptions of atheists and theists, and developing psychological interventions to combat stereotype threat and to increase participation and diversity in STEM fields and in academia. Zhen is also a proud Northwestern Wildcat and hails from the Windy City!



Zhuo “Job” Chen

Job Chen is interested in psychology of religion and spirituality, and studies concept of sacredness and its implications on society and individual wellbeing across cultures. He received his PhD from University of Oregon in 2017, and is now working at Clemson University as an Assistant Professor of Psychology.




Carissa Sharp

Carissa Sharp is a postdoc in the CaML. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Oregon in 2006, her master’s from Harvard Divinity School in 2008, and her PhD from the University of Cambridge in 2012.  Her PhD research focused on the application of social cognition (briefly, how people think about other people) to people’s cognitive representations of supernatural others, in terms of 1) the connection between the self-representation and God-representation, and 2) the complexity of God representations.  She is now working on a project funded by the Templeton Foundation, investigating the complexity of religious/God-beliefs. She is very happy to be getting back to her roots as a Duck at the UO!



Tania Predovic

Tania is a senior at the UO majoring in Psychology and Spanish, and minoring in Business Administration. She is planning on pursuing her Juris Doctor and a masters in Forensic Psychology. She would like to work in the field of criminal psychology or criminal justice. She just finished an internship with the Springfield Police Department and also works at the Brain Development Lab. She is from Argentina and loves traveling and donuts.



Laughton Elliott-DeAngelis

Laughton grew up in Southeast, Alaska and moved down to Oregon in 2008. In addition to studying undergraduate psychology at UO, he is also involved in the Outdoor Pursuits Leadership Program and spends all of his free time in the mountains. He is interested in the ways that spiritual and religious practices influence mental health outcomes, and he is spending the summer traveling through India researching the impacts of traditional healthcare practices on health and mental health outcomes. He intends to become a clinical psychologist, and he hopes to be able to practice integrative therapy incorporating yoga, meditation, and wilderness therapy techniques into his practice.



Fushu Tan

Fushu Tan is a senior majoring in Psychology. She is interested in religious studies, group dynamics, and school violence research. She was a departmental honor student in 2013 and her project was about school bullying and supporting behaviors. She plans to go to graduate school after she graduates from the UO. Her favorite activities are writing, pop dancing, eating, and cooking.




Audrey Metzger

Audrey is a recent graduate from University of Oregon with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Spanish. She plans to go to graduate school focusing either in the field of counseling and rehabilitation or clinical psychology. In addition to working with the Culture and Morality Lab, she works with the University of Oregon Dining Services and is an intern with ShelterCare. She enjoys a good book and the rare Eugene sunshine.




Teresa Andersen

Tess Andersen is an undergraduate at the University of Oregon. She has been in the CAML lab for over a year, and is interested in restorative justice and conflict resolution. She also likes comic books.






Jasmine Barerra

Jasmine is an undergraduate at the University of Oregon. She is working towards a B.S. in Psychology, with minors in Art History and Spanish, and is currently working on her senior thesis for the Honor College. She has been with the CAML lab since Fall ’11. Additional interests include cats, pajamas, and eating breakfast at any hour of the day.





Briana Braverman

Briana Braverman is an undergraduate at the University of Oregon. She is working towards a B.S. in psychology with a religious studies minor, and will be graduating from the university this summer.





Madeleine King

Madeleine hails from Corvallis, and made the transition from OSU to UO to pursue a degree in psychology, with a particular interest in PTSD. Minoring in biology, Madeleine is thinking of going to medical school after she graduates.






Rianna Lowrance

Rianna Lowrance is an undergraduate at the University of Oregon. She has been in the CAML lab for over a year and is currently working on her senior honors thesis.





Crystal Shackleford (Affiliated Graduate Student)

Crystal Shackleford is a graduate student in psychology at the University of Oregon. She hails from North Carolina.

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Thomas Pettus-Czar (Lab Manager)

Thomas Pettus-Czar graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in Art History, came to the University of Oregon as a graduate student in Architecture, but ended up getting a degree in Psychology instead. In addition to working at the lab where he helps design and execute studies, supervises research assistants, and generally takes care of other administrative and personnel matters, he also works at the Oregon Social Learning Center.


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Deanna Woods

Deanna Woods is an undergraduate at the University of Oregon studying psychology. She has been with the CAML lab for about six months and also works as a tutor and occasional substitute instructor of Portuguese at the UO.